Perveyors of Custom Made Imported European Builder Products for Homeowners, Builders & Designers.

"Doors for USA" provide quality products for contractors, homeowners, wholesalers and builders, with a wide selection of windows and doors, as well as iron awnings of handmade.
Our experience, responsibility, initiative and creativity allow us to satisfy all the preferences and needs of the most demanding clients.


Interior Doors

European Veneer Finished - HDF - Sound Insulated - Solid Doors, designed for Builders ease of installation. Matching veneer Jam, Casing and Baseboard available. Our Interior Door Package comes with everything you need to install your door. Choose with Cut or Uncut Lock Holes. Any design can be used for closets and made for sliding. (18``, 24``, 28``, 30``, 32``, & 36`` Width x 80`` & 96`` Height Doors are all In Stock)


Exterior Doors

European - Veneer and Powder Paint Finished - 3 Inch Thick - High Security Entrance Doors Constructed Using 1mm thick Galvanized Steel - 12mm MDF - 50mm Styrofoam and up to 16mm CEIBA Plywood to give you great security and up to 39dB of Sound Insulation. Also included is a 3 Stage - Secure Multi-Lock - Never Replace - Locking System with 5 Keys. When Door is Closed it Becomes Frame Secured with 3x 1`` Frame Pin Locks, Pre-hung & Disassembled with Secured Hinges, Interior Matching Casing and Thick Steel Powder Painted Exterior Brick Molding included. (All Designs in Standard 36`` Width x 80`` Height and 12`` Side Lights are in Stock)


UPVC Windows

We Design, Manufacture, Deliver, Install & Import, Custom size European & Canadian UPVC Vinyl Windows, UPVC Veneer Wood Grain Windows, Aluminum Clad UPVC Vinyl Windows & Wood Clad Aluminum Windows, for both Residential & Commercial. Tilt & Turn Style Windows, Triple Glass Sealed Units. Laminated Glass options, Custom Designer Window Colors and Glass Designing Available.

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    Our Promise

    With so many products and types to choose from out there, what is important is that you look for a company that is known throughout the community, not just as a name, but as a promise. Our clients' children, decades later call us for Windows and Doors because when you look for a quality product, you come to honest professionals that provided repeat successful services and always deliver.

    Your Piece of Mind

    It may not be as important to you now, but these entry points into our homes need to give our families security and peace of mind. For our company, it is a promise to you and to your family that we understand these fundamental basics. These products need to keep us warm in the winter and keep us cool in the summer. They need to stay beautiful and they need to work, when we need them to work. They also need to protect us from spending too much money so that we don't end up cooling and heating the outside world.

    Do it Once

    We only want to hear back from our clients to receive a thank you, or to inquire about additional products, never for problems; and we are very happy that we have this ongoing achievement. This can only be achieved by starting with a product that is designed, tested, and built for a lifetime of comfort and convenience. We are at the forefront of innovation and test new products and designs with factories, each year. We don't settle for age old technologies for our clients. If it is a product that cuts any corners, we simply do not sell it.

    See it to Believe it

    At Doors for USA, we understand that purchasing Windows or Doors requires an individual approach to each project. When you are ready, schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms 7 days a week (by appointment only). We will make the time for your project. Come see all the various products we have and test them out. Our staff is educated in all aspects of Residential and Commercial builder standardization. Let us help you make this hectic process simple.

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